Bruce and Cristy Schipul visit with Pieter & Nora Kalkman – International Ministries Missionaries in Prague, Czech Republic (July 2019)

Cristy and I visited Prague during our River Cruise vacation (Amsterdam to Budapest) with an extension to Prague, Czech Republic. We arranged ahead of time to visit with Pieter and Nora Kalkman, our IM Missionaries who have lived there for several years serving several church organizations that reach Eastern Europe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pieter was waiting at our hotel when we arrived in Prague and took us on a walking tour of the city. We visited a former church where John Huss preached (1369-1415). Huss would become a hero to Martin Luther and many other church Reformers, for Huss preached key Reformation themes (like hostility to indulgences) a century before Luther drew up his 95 Theses. But the Reformers also looked to Huss’s life; in particular, his steadfast commitment in the face of the church’s brutality toward those who questioned it’s sweeping power.

Pieter and Nora showed us many of the sights around Prague, including the International Church they attend. In addition, they drove us to the World War Two Memorial in the former Czech town of Lidice, whose resident population and buildings were completely destroyed by Hitler’s troops all because two of its citizens had conspired to assassinate one of Hitler’s chief commanders (Reinhold Heydricks). The museum at the memorial was poignant in representing the town, its people, and its children. Parents were killed, and their children were removed and given to German families to raise. We watched a documentary film which was hard to watch though its truths regarding that time in history are important to tell and to know. We also visited the Orthodox Church in the city of Prague that gave sanctuary to the two men by letting them stay in the basement crypt of the church until they were captured.

The Kalkmans expressed to us their heartfelt appreciation for Palm West Community  Church’s continual support of their ministry in eastern Europe through our Mission budget and our prayers for their ministry there.

We concluded our time with the Kalkman’s by visiting their home and praying for each other.

— Bruce and Cristy Schipul, July, 2019

The Kalkmans are regional missionaries serving as coordinators of short-term mission (STM) with the European Baptist Federation. They facilitate life-changing mission experiences by matching the interests of volunteers with the needs of more than 50 Baptist conventions in Europe and the Middle East. With only 2.5% Evangelical Christians, Europe is a priority mission field. Nora and Pieter travel extensively, roaming the front-lines of ministry while identifying STM opportunities for groups and individuals to effectively multiply mission efforts. Pieter is also part of a weekly prayer and Bible study for English speaking business leaders. Learn More about the Kalkman’s and their ministry by visiting their website here.