Our Mission Offerings

We tithe (12%) of all General Fund giving automatically to Missions.
We also tithe (at least 10%) of year-end General Fund surplus to Missions.

We also receive directed/designated giving by our congregation that is given to Missions (over our mission budget). Each mission group we support is approved as a nonprofit ministry as approved by the IRS.

Approved Missionaries for 2020


Rev. Deliris Carrion-Joseph (4,500) – Deliris works with displaced families from domestic violence and survivors of human trafficking at the US/Mexico border.  She has helped hundreds of women and children through difficult and dangerous experiences and will be visiting us this year to share more details about her ministry.

Pieter and Norma Kalkman ($7,000) – Pieter and Norma are based Prague and coordinate missionaries for the European Baptist Federation of over 50 Baptist unions.  Pastor Bruce and Christy Schipul visited them in 2019 and reported that they are making a difference in Europe.

Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga ($3,000) – are living in Northern Haiti where there has been great turmoil in recent months.  Teaching at the Northern Christian University and working at the eye clinic, Nzunga prays for peace and a way to reach students living through the turmoil while Kihomi shares the love of Jesus Christ with women and children through community health and counseling.

Matt and Lori Mann ($6,000) – the Manns live in Laos and Matt travels to Thailand frequently to help with environmental concerns there while Lori teaches to survivors of or prevented from human trafficking,  They have opened a new home for the children through their HOPE project and we are supporting them in their mission work and human trafficking prevention.

Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund ($1,500) – raising and distributing scholarship funds for worthy recipients in Tanzania, this Student Fund has produced many educated graduates who help raise the awareness and conditions of their communities.

Mission Aviation Fellowship ($3,000) – delivers medical care, evangelists, education, and the love of Jesus Christ to some of the most remote places in the world.

Operation Mobilization ($4,000) – Jon and Marie Skiotis serve in Aman, Jordan and are focused on church planting, mentoring and discipleship.

Reach Beyond ($2,000) – working through media, healthcare and community involvement, this organization spreads the Gospel to remote areas where the Gospel is rarely, if ever, shared.

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child ($2,200) – led by Dave Evans, reaches children at Christmas time with a box of essentials and other joyful gifts of love and comforting message of hope in Jesus Christ. This ministry is now under the umbrellas of missions and will seek your support in the Fall.  Taking a new approach, we hope to reach as many children as we can for Christmas.

Voice of the Martyrs ($2,000) – assists Christians who are persecuted around the world.

National Missions

Transformation Ministries ($16,650) – as a covenant agreement with Transformation Ministries (TM), PWCC agrees to share 2-3% of actual income.  TM, as it is often referred, specializes in planting churches and supporting pastors with leadership and pastoral development.  In 2020 15 new churches have been planted so far.

Village Missions ($5,000) – Supports small churches throughout the US by training and deploying pastors to remote regions and villages.

Regional Missions

United Indian Missions Aviation ($3,600) – spread the Gospel to people in remote areas of Mexico.

Rainbow Acres and Ranchers ($5,000) – is located in Mesa Verde, this organization helps developmentally disabled adults live healthy, full lives in a Christian environment.  We sponsor 2 ranchers that live there.

Tonto Rim Christian Camp ($7,000) – introduces Jesus Christ to youth of Arizona and parts of the Southwest – lives are changed  at camp! Chris and Lori Walsh are the directors there and appreciate your prayers for the youth in our area

Local Missions

Hope Bags Ministry ($12,000) – has moved to Missions and is led by Jimmy and Claudia Smith.  With over 50 team members and our church family, 1500 bags of hope with materials about Jesus Christ and Bibles will be dedicated in March in support of three local ministries:

Neighborhood Ministries ($3,000) –  where children find security and hope in spite of difficult family circumstances and parents find jobs and the love of Christ to propel them upward.

Phoenix Dream Center ($3,000) – where the love of Jesus Christ changes lives of women and babies who were homeless and often caught up in human trafficking.

Phoenix Rescue Mission ($3,000) – where veterans, drug addicts, drunkards, wayward souls find refuge and strength through God’s transforming power to overcome difficulties.  The Changing Lives Center is focused on women and children and the hope bags are provided to this portion of the entire Phoenix Rescue Mission.