From start to finish our Hope Bags are filled with God’s Word and love.  When God’s children pull together to bring the Gospel message to abused women and children, God’s light shines through their dark world and brings hope for their futures.  What a wonderful tribute to thehearts of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to see that a bag is presented to victims of abuse as they enter one of the three missions we support.

Think of a child entering one of the centers (afraid and feeling worthless) receiving their own bag and quilt.  Several times a child has asked: “You mean I can keep this?”  Doesn’t that break your heart to know this may be the first time in that child’s life they have received a gift that is their very own?

May all the glory be to God who gives each of us unique talents to be used to bring others the good news of Jesus.  Faces we may never see have been blessed.  The Lord knows our hearts and He can bless the recipients through this little bags.

We support the Women’s Shelter programs of the Phoenix Rescue Mission, the Phoenix Dream Center, and Neighborhood Ministries. In March 2018 we dedicated 1,455 Hope Bags and 178 quilts. Representatives from the three ministries were present to receive the donations they use in their ministries throughout the coming year. When women enter a safe house they receive a Hope Bag filled with NEW personal care items, along with many items for the children. Each woman receives her own Bible in the bag and is required to attend Bible study as part of her recovery program. Since 2004 we have provided 3,800 bags. Our mission is to provide each woman with a Bible, in which we insert the Salvation message.

Important Statistics

  • The number of bags that have been given since 2004:   4,725
  • The number of items in the bags, approximately:    128,950
  • The number of Bibles given:  2,100
  • The number of children’s literature:  74,000
  • The approximate number of handmade and purchased quilts: 1,225

For a history of Hope Bags, click here.