Columbarium at Palm West Community Church

Our Columbarium was completed in the spring of 2014. A columbarium is a church-owned structure on church grounds containing niches provided for the inurnment of urns containing cremated human remains, with walls to which markers may be affixed in remembrance of a deceased individual.

In addition, a memorial wall of loved ones’ names who are not inurned in the columbarium has been provided. We designed this space where families can come to pray and reflect on their loved ones.

  • We prepared a brochure available when you are on campus or download it here.  
  • We also have a document of Frequently Asked Questions you can read by clicking here.

Applications for Niches are now being accepted: Please contact the church by email and someone will call on you. The Columbarium is made available to all members, associate members, and regular attenders of Palm West Community Church. A fee structure has been set for the purchase of niches.

The Columbarium

There are 72 niches in the center bay or section.  The other two bays will take 72 niches each for a total of 216 niches for up to 432 urns. Each niche is faced in polished and engraved granite. On another wall we have Memorial plaques to honor loved ones who will not purchase a niche. Currently there are spaces for 54 memorials. Additional memorial walls will be added as needed. Each niche can contain the cremains of two persons.

Location: The site selected is located between Hoover Hall and the Worship Center, in an area past the doors to the classroom and choir room.

What Are Christians to Think About Cremation?

Since a columbarium is the last resting place for the cremains of a loved one, many have asked what Christians are supposed to think about the practice of cremation. Pastor Schipul wrote an article to give a biblical and historical perspective to this important question.  That article is in “pdf” format and available by clicking here.