PWCC is truly blessed with an excellent financial position. God has honored our giving and our Mission-minded focus. Our buildings are completely debt-free thanks to our Lord and truly sacrificial giving.

Our regular weekly offerings are primarily General Fund and Missions both of which are budgeted annually and approved by the congregation. Missions consists of several categories:

A. 12% of all General Fund giving automatically is placed into the Missions budget.

B. If at the end of the calendar year there is a General Fund surplus for that year, then an additional percentage is directed toward Missions.

C. Missions designated by the donor (must be IRS approved )

D. Four annual special Mission drives:

1. World Missions (October)
2. Strong Mission Churches offering (December)
3. Disaster Relief (as needed)
4. Pastors and Missionaries Emergency Fund (as needed)

Our financial personnel are bonded for protection of themselves and of the church. At least two persons each week count and deposit the offerings. Contributors receive a year-end statement of their giving record. The Finance Committee meets monthly to review, recommend and supervise the treasurer and financial secretary activities. A separate financial review committee reviews bank and savings funds, balances and activities.