Accountability of Leadership

PWCC has a covenantal relationship with Transformation Ministries – a movement of churches in the Southwest committed to “strengthening the local church to change its world for Jesus Christ.”

Church Government

PWCC practices a congregational form of governance where we all discern the mind of Christ and elect leaders – the Diaconate that oversees the various ministries and day-to-day operations of the congregation; and the Vision Leadership Team which oversees the strategic development of the church as a whole. The congregation approves our annual budgets, special expenditures, calling of senior pastor, election of key leaders, etc. We plan three congregational meetings a year (between October and January; between January and February) and when needed to approve new members and approve special expenditures.

Vision Leadership Team:
to oversee the Vision and Mission of Palm West Community Church. Vision is the specific calling that God has for us in our community, and God’s desire that we become a healthy, spiritually vital congregation. Mission is the commission of Jesus Christ to go into all the world to make disciples. The Vision Leadership Team is to help guide the congregation in these two areas.

is made up of an Executive Committee of Officers and nine Ministry Teams that serve to manage well the various components of our church life, including programs and opportunities for service.

Open Communication Policy

We desire open disclosure and public accountability for how the church is managed. We have an “open book” policy regarding our finances. Any inquiry regarding the church finances should be directed to our church Treasurer or Moderator. We also desire to speak the truth in love. Thus we are more than happy to openly discuss issues of doctrine, church discipline, etc. “…speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ” (Ephesians 4:15 NIV).