New Church Plant

Vistancia Community Church IS NOW  INSPIRE CHURCH

You are invited to their FINAL preview Worship Service to take place on Sunday, August 20 at Zuni Hills Elementary School  (10851 W. Williams Road, Sun City). We are excited about the progress and planning and forward movement. We pray for Jim and Sue Kennon and Bryan and Terry Hitch as they hold regular times of worship and training for their launch team.

Current planning includes:

  • January through August 2017 – Monthly Preview Services on the third Sunday of the month @ 10 AM
  • September 2017 – begin weekly worship services (starting September 10)
  • October 22, 2017 – Grand Opening of INSPIRE CHURCH



In 2013 our church celebrated our twentieth anniversary (from our first worship service in 1993). We are the result of another church catching the vision to plant. That church appointed leaders who devoted time to pray, plan, and take various steps in a deliberate pace. They considered where (a general location of need), when (a date to begin), who (a specific group out of the host church), and how it would begin (pastoral leadership, core of people from the local community, and the finances). Ever since that beginning, our church leaders have desired that eventually we too would be able to plant another congregation.

Planting a church today is a greater challenge than it was twenty years ago. We are applying the wisdom of others who have gone before us as well as those who are planting churches in all kinds of communities today.  That is why we are bathing each step in prayer, planning, and networking with organizations that can help us. 

  • 2015
    • A Discovery Team spends five months (January – May 2015) determining if, when and where a Church might be needed.
    • A second Discovery Team began in September, spent five weeks determining the details and pastoral team.
    • Church approved the recommendation to start a church in NW Peoria to include two pastors, one lead pastor, one worship and music pastor.
  • 2016
    • January 17 we introduced the planters to the congregation – throughout that week they met with individuals considering the launch team.
    • They have enlisted several intercessory prayer partners who take prayer seriously to pray often and fervently 
    • January 24 both of them spoke to our congregation (Click here Bryan, and Jim)
    • February and March both pastors found homes in our area and moved in.  
    • There are now several funding sources for this new church. Palm West committed budget and special offerings.
    • October 23 we held a special service of commitment to launch Vistancia Community Church with several of the Palm West congregation committing their service to the new church.
  • 2017
    • Began holding weekly launch team worship and training
    • Held monthly preview worship services at Zuni Hills Elementary School (January through August)
    • Sending out invitations, making contacts with local residents
    • Beginning weekly worship at Zuni Hills Elementary School (9/10 and following)
    • Summer 2017 name was changed to Inspire Church.

We are reminded of the words of Luke in Acts 16:5 “that when the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented then:
“The churches are strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.”