Our Mission – Reach the Lost & Searching

  • Welcome and encourage others to welcome visitors to the church and church events
  • Meet visitors in their homes to welcome them to the church
  • Encourage visitors to engage in church activities
  • Encourage visitors to become church members
  • Pray for and witness to the unchurched for the purpose of dedicating (or rededicating) their lives to Christ
  • Coordinate with other ministries in the church to present an outward invitation to community members to engage in Christian fellowship.

Future Events

  • It’s Not the Programs, It’s the Purpose that Matters
  • Meet People Where They Are and Bring Them to Christ
  • Be In the World, Not Of the World
    • Veteran and Community Servant Recognition
    • Chili Cook Off – New Year’s Celebration
    • Walk and Bike Events
    • Glendale Glitters
    • Brown Bag Topics – Science and Faith, Story Telling

Quick Links for Outreach