InReach Ministries

Purpose: To mentor new and existing members to be fully committed followers of Christ.

Duties: We will help them to utilize their talents with the ministries of Palm West. We will organize educational seminars. We will plan fellowship activities for Palm West members and guests. We will serve as a liaison to the Diaconate for budgetary and reporting purposes for the following ministries: Stephen Ministries, Small Groups, GriefShare, Pastoral Assistance Team, Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Connection, Drama, Prayer Shawl and Quilters.

Mentoring: Mentoring is a powerful way of exerting a life-on-life influence on people so that they can be transformed. It works in the secular realm and within the body of Christ. Our goal as mentors is to walk with others as they grow and become more Christ-like as they actively participate in the ministries of the church.

Educational Seminars: Educational seminars are scheduled to meet the needs of the church. Topics may cover health care, assisted living, and other areas of interest. InReach plans, coordinates, publicizes and implements these events. Some recent examples include: Hearing Loss & Prevention; Arthritis; and ID Theft & Scams.  Our community has numerous organizations that provide help and services. 

Fellowship Activities: Fellowship is necessary for growth, to inspire others to become actively involved in ministry and to hold one another accountable to Christ’s teachings. Being active with other believers results in blessings from our eternal God and fellow believers.

Fellowship activities include trips for entertainment, education and events. Fellowship activities are also implemented by the ministries listed in the Mission Statement. These ministries serve the body with the goal of fostering trust, hope, a sense of belonging, security, lifelong friendships, faith, patience, selflessness, and best of all, true, unconditional love that can come only from people who have a personal relationship with God, the Author of love.


InReach Absentee Report Form