Core Values

Our Core ValuesOasisFalls

Celebrate: We Gather for Worship

We worship God through studying His Word, expressing our love and praise to Him (especially in song), aligning with Him through prayer, and honoring His faithfulness in our giving.

Cultivate: We Meet in Small Groups

We fellowship with one another to strengthen God’s purpose, principles, and power in our lives, primarily through participation in home small groups for fellowship, Bible study, sharing, support and caring for one another.

Commission: We Use Our Talents

We empower ministry through discovering and developing our talents, abilities and gifts, and being equipped to do the work of ministry – serving one another, loving the lost, praying for the sick and shut-in and caring for the poor and needy.

Communicate: We Tell the Good News

We extend God’s love, in word and deed, to those in and around the Sun City communities and throughout the world as God leads us.